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  • Do you have airline miles and credit card points just sitting around?
  • Do you have ever think of taking a dream trip?
  • You can’t find any availability for your ideal trip?
  • The amounts required for your booking is two or three times the “saver” amount?
  • You want to visit a few different cities into one trip?

If you answered yes to even to only one of those questions, then you are in luck. Airlines make it very hard to find availability easily and convenient on their popular routes. Other times they decide to charge you three of four times the price of the “saver” amounts, if you can find your planned routing at all.

Let us here at Flight-Lynx help you plan your ultimate trip using those miles and points. We know the secret routing airlines don’t like to share or the routings that airlines claim are “prohibited” but are actually allowed. We have a vast knowledge base of different airlines and routings that won’t easily show up but can be easily booked.

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